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wholesale repair information
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What do you do if have a repair to send us? All you have to do is send back all the remaining parts - - must include the silver band and enough of the beads for us to determine what color it is. Put everything in a padded envelope or small box (no peanuts, please) and mail to:

105 north union street
studio 226
alexandria, va 22314

Do you need an RA #?
no. you don't even need to call us. just send it.

How long does it take?
It usually takes us about 5-7 business days after we get it to turn it around and send it back to you.

Can the repair be sent directly to the customer?
Yes. Its no big deal to us and there is no charge to do so. If a repair fee needs to be charged (there is a small fee to repair anything other than rings), an invoice will be mailed to you.

Do you need to insure it?
Insurance is totally up to you. If it gets lost, and you want to make a claim with the carrier, if you insure it, you will have a way to be reimbursed. We do recommend sending repairs with some sort of "track-able" service. If using the US Postal Service you can opt for delivery confirmation or signature confirmation. You can also send it via UPS or FED EX. Just for the record, if we don't receive a repair, we cannot fix it. Any failure of delivery to us is between the sender and whatever carrier used.

Since the ring is being re-strung anyway, can the color be switched?
No. The broken item will be repaired using beads that are the same as or as close to the original beads as possible.

We fix poppi rings for free.
We would appreciate it if you would pass this generosity on to your customers.

We do not charge for ring repairs. We only charge nominal repair fees for other items. We do not charge shipping for returning these items back to you. We do not send "call Tags". We do not cover or reimburse any shipping costs incurred by the sender. We feel this is fair. Take into account that you're getting the better end of this deal.

What if your customer broke or lost an earring?
Yes, we can match your missing / broken earring. It can be replaced at half the price of a pair of earrings. Ideally, you should send back the remaining earring so we can match color, pattern and length. Just telling us that your "bluish/greenish spiky earring" is lost, is not that helpful, and the likelihood of us guessing wrong is greater than us getting it right. Please send it to the address above.

What about bracelets?
We fix those as well. The fee depends on how many beads need to be replaced. We will call with cost after we have had a chance to look at what it will take to refurbish it to a like new condition. The minimum cost to fix a bracelet is $15, the maximum cost usually does not exceed $28.