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The little asterisk hangs on a cute sterling silver chain and is 16" long. All styles are $45--the 18" length is available for $50. Please specify in "notes" section during checkout.
Approximate sizes of the different styles are:
flake 3/4"       cluster 1/2"
boom 3/4"      kaPow 1 1/4"

Asterisk Flake--Red

Asterisk Boom--Fire

Asterisk Boom--Bubblegum

Asterisk Flake--Amber

Asterisk Flake--Tortoise

Asterisk Cluster--Pomegranate

Asterisk Kapow--Betty

Asterisk Flake--Pomegranate

Asterisk Cluster--Kate

Asterisk Cluster--Kelp

Asterisk Flake--Pistachio Sundae

Asterisk Boom--Apple

Asterisk Kapow--Kelp

Asterisk Cluster--Easter Egg

Asterisk Flake--Ocean

Asterisk Kapow--Lilac

Asterisk Flake--Jolly Lolli

Asterisk Boom--Turquoise

Asterisk Cluster--Blankie

Asterisk Cluster--Birthday

Asterisk Flake--Lime

Asterisk Flake--Twister

Asterisk Kapow--Blue Icee

Asterisk Kapow--Green/Green

Asterisk Kapow--Jolly Lolli

Asterisk Kapow--Ocean

Asterisk Kapow--Purple Haze

Asterisk Kapow--Whisper